There are several factors that trigger the development of skin discoloration, the most common of which is natural aging. These are called age spots. Also, too much sun exposure may result in sun spots. Oftentimes, these can be remedied through skin color correction. But there are skin discolorations that can also be caused by certain medical conditions. Before undergoing a skin color correction procedure, it is recommended that you have these discolorations checked first by your physician to determine the root of the problem.

Acanthosis Nigricans

This medical condition causes skin pigmentation, often dark patches on the skin that appear velvety. The patches can appear anywhere; from the groin area to the neck, underarms, elbows, and knees.

Oftentimes, this skin pigmentation is a symptom of a more serious medical condition including diabetes, and pre-diabetes. For this reason, it is highly advised that you see a doctor for these dark patches to rule out these more serious medical conditions, and to get proper treatment if tests indicate diabetes or pre-diabetes.

This skin condition usually develops in obese individuals, as well as those with darker skin tones. While on a prescribed medical treatment, there are also cosmetic treatments that a patient can undergo to improve the condition of the skin pigmentation.

Skin Color Correction

To improve the appearance or reduce the visibility of this type of skin pigmentation, your doctor may prescribe a skin lightener that you can apply on the affected area, or they may also recommend a cosmetic skin color correction procedure.

If the doctor recommends a cosmetic treatment, it is important that you discuss your condition with the attending aesthetician or dermatologist. This information is vital to the skin treatment that they will recommend for you.

Since this skin condition is more delicate that the usual skin discolorations caused by aging or sun exposure, it is likewise important that you only seek cosmetic treatment from a state-authorized and licensed clinic, with only licensed professionals performing the procedures.

Depending on the severity of the condition, skin discolorations may no longer appear visible to the naked eye after treatment, or may appear considerably lighter than their original color. You may also be required to undergo several treatments to improve the skin condition. A rest period is given between each treatment. In any case, skin discolorations will generally improve.

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