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Vein Treatment

Having your spider veins removed can help you achieve the flawless, youthful look you’ve always wanted. Here at Live Gorgeous OC, we offer vein treatment that effectively eliminates those imperfections by closing off the veins from their blood source. In just a few short sessions, you can be rid of unsightly veins permanently.

In order to accurately steer the treatment to its target, we employ a revolutionary solution to spider vein removal. This new technology is used by top medical and healthcare professionals, proving its efficiency and safety.

Our Guarantee

In the same way that the AccuVein AV300 prevents undue pain for patients who have to face venipuncture, it also provides you with a worry-free experience during our treatments. By using this device, we can ensure that we target the right veins and spare our patients from discomfort. AccuVein has been known to help in cosmetic procedures by allowing us to better locate and avoid veins, minimize bruising, reduce overall healing time, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

The AccuVein AV300 also allows us to provide better solutions to patients with veins that are particularly difficult to locate, such as those with darker or discolored skin. It also allows us to open our doors and provide a better experience to clients who would normally experience anxiety or restlessness when undergoing treatments. We aim to give everyone the best experience possible, so we actively seek out the latest technology to make every customer feel beautiful and confident.

For more information, check out testimonials from happy clients who are more than satisfied with our services.

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“Francine’s laser treatments are just wonderful!! My skin looks so much better!! She is so talented and professional. Thank you so much for changing my life!!”


June 1, 2012

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