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Color Correction/Masks/Chemical Peels

Photo Facial  (IPL) Laser

Freckles, age spots, brown spots, sun damage, spider veins, rosacea, generalized redness, and acne can all be addressed with this treatment.  There is minimal downtime.  A series of treatments are highly recommended for optimal results.

Chemical Peel 

Sun damage, aging, hormonal imbalances, and other unavoidable circumstances can cause skin imperfections. We at Live Gorgeous OC believe that people should have the chance to look their best. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatments to help rejuvenate and refresh damaged skin with all levels of downtime!

People often balk at the term “chemical peel.” For some who doesn’t have experience with the process, the name alone can be daunting. However, what we’re really offering is a solution that helps rid the skin from discoloration and blemishes effectively and painlessly by inducing skin renewal.  Patients use chemical peel as an alternative to most laser skin treatments.  With minimal downtime, patient can see improvements in pigmentation, crepe rough skin and big pores.

People naturally dispose of dead skin on a daily basis to make room for new layers underneath. A chemical peel works by stimulating the skin to shed more rapidly than normal. The solution applied on the skin seeps into deeper layers and lifts dead skin off to reveal healthy damage-free skin underneath, and it’s an effective solution for the most cases. Patients normally see results within a couple treatments. For optimal results, a series of 5 treatments every 4 weeks is the normal routine for most patients.

Treatments at Live Gorgeous OC always begin with an initial consultation to go over goals and outcome of each of our treatments. Getting to know you and your story will help us determine which treatment is best for you.  Once we’ve decided on a course of action that suites your needs, treatment can begin at your initial consultation appointment.  Post treatment care will be given to you and a follow up appointment would be schedule.

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