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3 March 2016

Which Laser Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Should You Get?

While having more cosmetic treatment options can only bode well in our efforts to achieve healthy looking skin, not all skincare treatments are made equal. It isn’t any different when it comes to laser wrinkle reduction, as some patients may benefit more from laser treatment or a combination of different treatments, depending on the outcome they want.

Matrix: CO2 Fractionated Laser

One of the most popular skincare technologies to date, Matrix makes use of carbon dioxide fractionated laser to treat deep-set wrinkles like crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, and forehead lines. What makes Matrix so effective is its laser or thermal heat component that can vaporize tissue on the epidermis to reveal new and smoother skin. Even sensitive areas on the face such as fine lines around the mouth can be treated with CO2 laser. At the same time, this type of laser wrinkle reduction procedure can stimulate collagen production so the skin continues to look fresh and supple over a prolonged period of time.

ReFirme: Elos Technology

What Matrix can offer patients for their skin, ReFirme does better in terms of patient comfort. This type of wrinkle reduction treatment makes use of Elos technology or bi-polar radio frequency with laser to achieve skin tightening and to improve skin laxity of the face, neck, and other areas of the body. By using a lower energy level to power the treatment, ReFirme is able to tone skin without causing any discomfort or pain. Like Matrix laser treatment, ReFirme is fast and noninvasive so patients can go back to their daily routines as soon as they finish treatment.

Dermal Fillers

On the other hand, dermal fillers take on a different approach to make wrinkles disappear, specifically by injecting a safe substance under the skin crease to fill it up or add volume. What makes these wrinkle-filling volumizers popular is that they can be injected anywhere on the face, which is useful for treating hard-to-reach areas. As an alternative to surgical facelifts, dermal fillers will work well to complement other treatments like Matrix CO2 laser and ReFirme to sculpt a lifted, youthful look without having to undergo the pain and recovery time associated with surgical means.

Depending on your case, you may have a combination treatment plan to achieve the best results possible. To learn more about which skincare treatment you should get, whether volumizers or laser for wrinkle reduction, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Contact us at 714-754-1985 today!

25 February 2016

Look Refreshed At Any Age With Laser Wrinkle Removal

As we age, we experience numerous changes in our body. One such area where this may be evident the most is our skin; in part because of the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, skincare procedures like laser wrinkle removal can eliminate these skin imperfections and make you look great again no matter what your age is.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Have you ever mistaken someone’s mother or father as their sister or brother? Chances are you may have been deceived by their looks because they look remarkably young for their age. In these kinds of cases, their genetics likely played a greater role as to when they developed wrinkles. However, external factors like sun exposure can greatly accelerate this common sign of aging, overriding genetics.

The ultraviolet (UV) light in sunlight is what causes damaging substances called free radicals which in turn destroy the skin’s genetic material or DNA. Every time you are outdoors, regardless of whether the sun is out or not, you are practically increasing your risk for developing wrinkles.

This doesn’t mean however that you should lock yourself indoors and shun the sun away for good. Sunscreen or lotion with at least SPF 30 can block damaging UV rays, preventing it from penetrating your skin. This is why applying sunscreen is often espoused by dermatologists. Aside from wrinkles, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to splotchy pigmentation and loose, rough skin.

Laser Wrinkle Removal

One of the most effective ways to treat fine lines and wrinkles is through laser. This type of wrinkle removal procedure is quick and painless with noticeable results unlike other advertised wrinkle-busting methods such as creams and serums.

Patients who have checked in our clinic for laser treatment are able to go back to their daily routines immediately after a session. This is especially convenient for people with busy schedules or those looking to undergo skin treatment without giving anything away. As a noninvasive procedure, there are no scars or traces of cosmetic intervention to worry about.

Here at Live Gorgeous OC, we have helped many men and women look rejuvenated and refreshed again with laser wrinkle removal. For more than a decade, we have created personalized treatment plans for our patients to achieve maximum results.

Whether you’re after flawless skin or a youthful, radiant glow, we’re here to bring out the most beautiful version of you possible! For inquiries about our wrinkle removal treatments or any of our other skincare services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985.

18 February 2016

Wax vs Shave vs Laser Hair Removal: Orange County Cosmetic Services

Underarm hair is the bane of many women’s existences. Smooth and flawless-looking underarms are but an unattainable dream for some, which is why many women continue to switch from one hair removal method to another. Whether you wax, shave, or have tried laser hair removal in Orange County, the manner in which it is done can also affect the results.


The first thing to consider before waxing is your pain threshold. While waxing offers the benefit of preventing ingrown hairs, some find it too painful to do regularly. Moreover, the hair needs to grow up to a certain length before you can get it waxed. This ensures that the wax has enough hair to hold on to, and growing enough underarm hair for the wax to stick to may not be an option for some. Fortunately, there are many shops around the area offering professional services, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself or getting burned from the wax. In the end, the best thing about waxing is that it removes hair in one go. As they say, no pain, no gain!


The go-to method for many women. Shaving is generally quick and easy enough to do regularly, and it’s also affordable. However, many women have also turned away from shaving because it causes ingrown hairs and other skin irritations, not to mention minor injuries such as when you accidentally nick the skin. Ouch!

Some women, though, are fortunate enough to have thin underarm hair despite repeated shaving, which is why this hair removal method works for them. If you shave, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin to clean out the follicles that contain the dead skin cells. A regular cleaning routine can result in a lighter appearance of your underarms.

Laser Hair Removal

The most expensive option among the three, but definitely the best long-term hair removal solution. Laser treatment causes minimal damage to the dermis, making it ideal for the underarms’ sensitive skin. If you want to get rid of underarm hair permanently, laser hair removal is your best bet.

Here at Live Gorgeous OC, we offer fast sessions for laser hair removal which is perfect for busy women. Imagine getting rid of your unwanted hair during your lunch hour! We only use the most advanced laser technology, so you can rest assured the surrounding skin will be left undamaged.

For inquiries about our services for laser hair removal in Orange County, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985; we’d be glad to hear from you.

11 February 2016

Skin Color Correction for Hyperpigmentation Caused by Tight Fitting Clothes

When done properly, tight fitting clothing can be a flattering look for women of different shapes and sizes. However, this improvement to their outfit or appearance can also affect their skin negatively. This is where skin color correction can be of help, by eliminating those skin imperfections caused by hyperpigmentation from tight fitting clothes.

Hyperpigmentation is characterized by the darkening of the skin due to the overproduction of melanin. In the case of tight fitting clothes, the friction created between the clothing and skin is what increases the production of melanin. The result is an unsightly skin discoloration that can take time to lighten.

Hyperpigmentation and “Bra Burns”

One area in the body women may least expect to see dark spots or patches of hyperpigmentation is on the chest, specifically between, under, or around the breasts, the shoulder, or the span of the back in general. These dark spots are usually caused by the underwire of bras and shoulder straps that apply too much pressure on the skin, resulting in what we also call a bra burn.

While one may try home remedies on the affected area, a chemical peel is still one of the fastest and easiest skin color correction procedures for hyperpigmentation. Painless with virtually no downtime, a chemical peel can reveal healthy-looking skin and help women feel good about themselves again. The procedure is also an affordable solution for hyperpigmentation.

Tips for Preventing Bra Burns

Aside from getting a chemical peel, there are other things you can try to prevent bra burns.

#1: Wear the proper size – Too many women make the mistake of not wearing the right bra size. Before shopping, measure your bust and check where your measurements fall under the size guidelines which are available online.

#2: Fit a size with comfort in mind – Now that you have an idea of your size or measurements, check whether you’re comfortable. Try to move around, raise your arms, and see if the bra’s support is adequate. Additionally, make sure you adjust the straps. These shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose.

#3. Alternate wearing bras without wires – Those underwires are the number 1 culprit to those bra burns, so as much as possible, alternately wear bras without them. Doing so will relieve your skin from constant irritation or chaffing.

For inquiries about our skin color correction services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985.

4 February 2016

How to Take Care of Your Skin after Laser Wrinkle Removal

Laser wrinkle removal is an outpatient procedure that virtually erases smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, and other types of wrinkles, safely and painlessly. At Live Gorgeous OC, we offer a painless procedure that takes very little time. Unlike conventional laser systems, our ReFirme laser treatment method combines laser technology with a bi-polar radio frequency system that uses a lower energy level. This makes our wrinkle reduction system one of the most comfortable you can find anywhere.

Many patients complain of a nagging pain and discomfort after going through laser wrinkle removal. While the ReFirme method itself is painless, we understand that different patients have different levels of tolerance to pain after the procedure, so our expert medical team would like to remind everyone to take care of their skin to help bring it back to its pristine state.

Below are a few post-treatment care tips that we recommend:

  • Facial cleansing. We suggest cleaning your face four to five times daily to prevent infection. You don’t need to apply any form of medicated cream as your skin will heal itself, but applying petroleum jelly can help prevent scab formation.
  • Preventing swelling and irritation. It is normal for your face to swell within the first 48 hours after the procedure. Applying an ice pack to the area can help alleviate swelling and irritation. Elevating your head during sleep is also highly recommended. In case the area around your eyes becomes inflamed, your doctor might prescribe steroids to manage the swelling.
  • Hydration. You might find that your skin becomes itchy, dry, and flaky after a few days. This is normal as the procedure takes out dead skin cells and brings a healthier, younger layer of skin out to the front. To maintain the youthful appearance of your new skin, drink lots of water. You could also use glycolic acid products after a few weeks or when your doctor clears you to do so.
  • Sunscreen. One of the side effects of laser wrinkle removal is temporary lighter skin pigmentation. Because lighter skin is more susceptible to UV rays, it is important that you use a sunscreen that blocks both UV A and UV B rays. It should be formulated specifically for facial use and has an SPF of 50 or higher.

Laser wrinkle reduction as performed by Live Gorgeous OC can help you look and feel younger, rejuvenated, and renewed. Call us at 714-754-1985 for more information about wrinkle removal, Botox, and other non-invasive skin care procedures that we provide.

28 January 2016

Laser Skin Treatment for Large Pores and Oily Skin

For some women, there could be nothing worse than having a combination of large pores and oily skin. However, there’s an effective way to wake up from this skin nightmare—undergoing laser skin treatment. Commonly used to eliminate skin blemishes like acne marks and scars, laser treatment offers a number of benefits to those suffering from other types of skin problems.

Large Pores and Oily Skin

Unfortunately, large pores and oily skin often go hand in hand. Oily skin is characteristic of having overactive sebaceous glands, which generate excess oil that passes through and clogs your pores. As a result, your pores appear larger due to the loss of skin elasticity.

While some women claim to be successful at making the size of their pores smaller with the use of creams and serums, this is actually only the effect of renewing the skin, or specifically the dermis, from underneath.

During laser treatment, the dermis of the skin is tightened while the production of new collagen is stimulated. This is what minimizes the appearance of pores, rather than affect their actual size. Even if the pores look and feel smaller, it is incorrect to say they have shrunk.

Skin Care Regimen for Oily Skin

While laser skin treatment is effective at making skin tight and firm again, which in turn improves the appearance of your pores, adopting a skin care regimen that is proper for managing oily skin will go a long way.

1. Use oil-free moisturizer – Moisturizing is a must to maintain the skin’s elasticity. Fortunately, there are skin care products available that are specific for oily skin like oil-free moisturizers. Using such products is essential to keeping your pores open, as blocked pores may lead to blackheads and pimples.

2. Use oil-control paper – You can only reduce your skin’s oil production so much. When you need a quick beauty fix for eliminating excess oil on your forehead, nose, or chin, facial blotting paper will do wonders.

3. Use makeup primer – If you wear makeup, you will need to use a primer or a base. This will help inhibit oil production so that your makeup will adhere better on your skin.

This is but a general outline for women with oily skin. To determine the best treatment program for your condition, it is still best to see your doctor. He or she will advise you on the best post-treatment regimen after a laser session.

For inquiries about our laser skin treatment or to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985.

21 January 2016

Skin Color Correction: Professional Cosmetic Treatments for Dark Underarms

Are dark underarms making you feel self-conscious? Are you tired of wearing sleeved shirts all the time to hide your underarms? Luckily, there are various non-invasive skin color correction treatments readily available these days to whiten dark underarms. While you may be tempted to try home remedies to whiten your armpits, these pale in comparison to professional treatments from a licensed cosmetic clinic.

Not only are these home remedies less effective, but they could also take months—even a year—to see a noticeable difference. Why prolong the process when you can get a professional treatment with a more immediate result?

Home Remedies vs. Professional Skin Color Correction Treatment

If you’ve put up with dark underarms for so long, it might be safe to assume that you’ve done a bit of research on how to lighten the skin without going to a cosmetic clinic. On the Internet, you can find various proven and effective ways to lighten dark underarms. While these may have worked on others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work on you; primarily because we each have different skin types and conditions. Your body’s reaction to the natural remedies also plays a huge role in the success or failure of the DIY treatment.

You may have come across a few DIY suggestions like scrubbing the armpits with a thin slice of potato, or rubbing the area with lemon, cucumber, vinegar, or baking soda. You may have also heard of making a mask out of mashed apples and applying this on your armpit. The frustrating part about all of these home remedies is the time it takes for them to take effect. And most of the time, the results aren’t even as noticeable as a treatment professionally done.

With a skin color correction treatment from a licensed doctor, you can see visible results after just one treatment. Laser treatments and chemical peels are two effective ways for lightening dark underarms. These procedures are non-invasive and there is little to no downtime at all. The best part is that you won’t have to wait long before you can finally show off your perfect underarms.

Additionally, with a professional treatment, the doctor can determine the right approach and procedure for your case. During the initial consultation, the doctor may perform a test or two to determine your skin type and condition. He or she will also discuss with you in full detail the procedure recommended for your underarm issues.

To get started on your journey to perfect underarms, schedule a visit with a licensed doctor at Live Gorgeous OC. You may call 714-754-1985 to set an appointment.

14 January 2016

Lasers vs Chemical Peels: Which is More Effective for Wrinkle Reduction?

As people age, it’s common to see changes in their skin. Age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles are but normal signs of aging. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should go on looking your age. There are new technologies and cosmetic innovations, among them for wrinkle reduction, to help you feel and look younger than you actually are.

Whether they are fine or deep-set, wrinkles come about with changes in the skin’s elasticity. Put in another way, as you age your skin becomes thinner due to the decreased production of collagen. External factors such as sun exposure and smoking also play a part in hastening the skin’s aging process. While prevention or delaying the aging process is the best remedy for wrinkles, it can still be treated with the help of cosmetic intervention.

Lasers vs. Chemical Peels

Two of the most common treatments available for wrinkle removal are lasers and chemical peels. Depending on the results you want and the advice of your doctor, one treatment may be more beneficial for you.

Generally, chemical peels vary in their potency and can be categorized as light, medium, and deep. When it comes to wrinkles, light or superficial peels may yield insignificant results while deeper peels come with greater risk for side effects such as scarring and changes in skin color. They can also be uncomfortable.

Like chemical peels, lasers are minimally invasive and quick. However, they come with the advantage of being almost painless. There’s practically no downtime involved for those who undergo laser treatment, which is convenient for individuals with busy schedules, as well as those who can only squeeze a short amount of time for cosmetic services.

Wrinkle Reduction

Here at Live Gorgeous OC, our patented wrinkle removal treatment, Matrix, a fractionated laser, can treat those deep-set wrinkles, smoker’s lines, and even tighten the skin under the chin. Quick and painless, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated in a matter of a few short sessions.

If laser isn’t viable for treating your wrinkles, we also have other cosmetic technologies available such as ReFirme which is powered by Elõs technology. ReFirme is a wrinkle reduction treatment that combines electrical and optical energy. Similar to Matrix, it’s also a non-invasive laser treatment that can improve your skin’s laxity and tighten it as a result.

To find out the best treatment plan for your wrinkles, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our experts. You may forward all your inquiries and concerns about your skin to them. Contact us at 714-754-1985 today!

7 January 2016

Feel Confident with Botox Courtesy of Our Orange County Clinic

This New Year, one of the best resolutions you can make it is to work harder at taking control of your career. Aside from updating your wardrobe, you can gain newfound confidence with the help of Botox. In Orange County where the business landscape is particularly upscale, nothing spells success better than looking good and backing it up with a solid work ethic.

Confidence Booster

Research has shown that attractiveness gives a more positive impression at work. In some industries, such as sales and entertainment in particular, looking good is part and parcel of the job. While Botox is no silver bullet in terms of securing a raise or bagging a high-profile promotion, it can help you feel more confident about yourself. This newfound confidence can spill over to your work and improve your performance or standing, which in turn may bode well for your career advancement.

How you carry yourself is important, and not just in work settings. How you feel about yourself can signal to others how you want to be treated. For example, if you slouch and act mousey, this may give an impression to others that you’re inferior and can be pushed around. On the other hand, if you stand tall and proud, greeting everyone with a smile on your face, other people will find it easy to be around you because you give off a positive impression; one that says you’re confident and self-assured.

Botox Injections

Long gone are the days when one needed to undergo painful and invasive cosmetic surgery to look beautiful again. Botox and all its components are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for treating fine lines and wrinkles so you can rest assured they are safe and effective.

Restoring your once youthful glow is also easier and faster than you may think. In fact, administering an injection of Botox in our Orange County clinic takes as little as 10 minutes, sometimes even less! It all depends on how much change you want to see. Others are already satisfied with the results of one treatment while others come back for more injections; all this will be discussed when you have a one-on-one appointment with our experts. They are in the best position to design a treatment plan unique for your needs.

To schedule an appointment for Botox in Orange County, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985; we’d be glad to hear from you.

1 January 2016

Get Rid of Body Hair and Body Odor with Laser Hair Removal in Our Orange County Clinic

For men who are looking for a remedy to their excessive body hair woes, they can find the most viable solution right here at Live Gorgeous OC, in the form of laser hair removal at our Orange County clinic.

Back and Chest Hair

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones getting their body hair removed. Excessive hair can also be a problem for men, particularly for those who have thick back and chest hair. With that said, men with light skin and dark hair can benefit most from getting a laser hair removal treatment. Such a procedure can thin out the hairs on their back and chest and consequently keep the excessive hair growth under control.

Aside from getting smooth skin, laser hair removal can also help prevent body odor in men. Chest hair and back hair, which are prime spots for sweat and bacteria, are known to be one of the major causes of body odor. This is why despite one’s efforts at improving their personal hygiene, a man may still experience unpleasant body odor.

Laser hair removal is an effective solution for body odor and excessive body hair, as it works by destroying the hair shaft so that the bacteria and sweat have nothing to stick to. Depending on your case, several hair removal treatments may be needed for best results.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of shaving or waxing your body every time hair grows back, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution with added financial benefits. Think about the savings you can enjoy once you ditch the razors, shaving creams, and trips to the barber shop for good; not to mention deodorants and antiperspirants that may not have helped much with your body odor. As laser technology continues to improve, so will the results you’ll get from laser treatment.

While there are other traditional methods of removing body hair, none are as convenient as laser treatment. Not only are traditional methods like waxing and shaving painful, and could cause irritation, they will also require you to grow your hair up to a certain length. Compare this to a few sessions of laser treatment in a clinic where you’re relaxed and comfortable. It’s no wonder more and more men get laser hair removal to help them look and feel better.

For inquiries about laser hair removal in our Orange County clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985.

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