After giving birth to a healthy baby via C-section, women are often left with a noticeable scar on the belly area. Even if your doctor made a bikini cut incision, and people won’t notice the scar when you’re in your bikini, you’ll still know it’s there. A laser skin treatment can significantly reduce the visibility of your post-pregnancy scar. In fact, it can effectively lighten the scar that even you might not notice it’s there!

At LiveGorgeous OC, our goal is to make you look your best no matter what age, and no matter what skin problem you’re having. We wish for you, especially all hardworking moms, to look your most gorgeous self every day. And this starts with correcting your post-pregnancy scar.

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

There are two types of laser treatments that you can get to lighten your scars. The first one is the traditional laser skin treatment and the second one is LiveGorgeous OC’s pixel laser resurfacing.

What’s the difference?

There are several distinct differentiations between these two types of treatments, foremost of which is the extent of the laser treatment in terms of the target area. With a traditional laser treatment, the scar and the skin surrounding it are targeted. So basically, the treated area becomes larger, which prolongs healing. Recovery usually takes between two weeks to one month.

With a pixel laser resurfacing treatment, only the scar will be touched by the laser light. By using non-ablative fractionated technology, each laser pass only targets a small area of the skin, thereby reducing the extent of the area that needs to heal after treatment. What this ultimately means is that you will feel very little discomfort, and the recovery period is much shorter. As a matter of fact, most patients experience no downtime at all, which enables them to immediately go back to their usual routine.

So if you’re ready to go back to work after your maternity leave and wish to look and feel great before going back to the office, this type of laser skin treatment will do wonders for you! Because apart from lightening your post-pregnancy scar, pixel laser resurfacing can also correct other skin issues like acne scars, age spots, sun spots, and other skin discoloration conditions like melasma.

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