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31 March 2016

Lighten Post-pregnancy Scar with LiveGorgeous OC's Laser Skin Treatment

After giving birth to a healthy baby via C-section, women are often left with a noticeable scar on the belly area. Even if your doctor made a bikini cut incision, and people won’t notice the scar when you’re in your bikini, you’ll still know it’s there. A laser skin treatment can significantly reduce the visibility of your post-pregnancy scar. In fact, it can effectively lighten the scar that even you might not notice it’s there!

At LiveGorgeous OC, our goal is to make you look your best no matter what age, and no matter what skin problem you’re having. We wish for you, especially all hardworking moms, to look your most gorgeous self every day. And this starts with correcting your post-pregnancy scar.

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

There are two types of laser treatments that you can get to lighten your scars. The first one is the traditional laser skin treatment and the second one is LiveGorgeous OC’s pixel laser resurfacing.

What’s the difference?

There are several distinct differentiations between these two types of treatments, foremost of which is the extent of the laser treatment in terms of the target area. With a traditional laser treatment, the scar and the skin surrounding it are targeted. So basically, the treated area becomes larger, which prolongs healing. Recovery usually takes between two weeks to one month.

With a pixel laser resurfacing treatment, only the scar will be touched by the laser light. By using non-ablative fractionated technology, each laser pass only targets a small area of the skin, thereby reducing the extent of the area that needs to heal after treatment. What this ultimately means is that you will feel very little discomfort, and the recovery period is much shorter. As a matter of fact, most patients experience no downtime at all, which enables them to immediately go back to their usual routine.

So if you’re ready to go back to work after your maternity leave and wish to look and feel great before going back to the office, this type of laser skin treatment will do wonders for you! Because apart from lightening your post-pregnancy scar, pixel laser resurfacing can also correct other skin issues like acne scars, age spots, sun spots, and other skin discoloration conditions like melasma.

We invite to schedule an appointment today so we can get started right away with your skin treatment. You may reach us at 714-754-1985. Call us to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation with our skin experts!

24 March 2016

Effectively Lighten Adult Acne Scars with a Skin Color Correction Treatment

With the right skin color correction treatment, you don’t have to be scarred for life. There are cosmetic treatments available that can visibly lighten acne scars without having to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Just when you thought you’ve outgrown pimples and acne now that you’re an adult, out they appear from out of nowhere. For children hitting puberty, pimples and acne are a common occurrence, and they usually outgrow this once they hit adulthood. Or so you thought. Even adults get facial acne, even when they’re well past their 30s.

There are various factors that can contribute to the development of adult acne. Most of the time, it’s because of a hormonal imbalance, which may be naturally occurring in your body or may be caused by certain medications that you are taking. Lithium, anti-seizure, and corticosteroid medications can also cause acne.

Check with a licensed dermatologist or doctor if your medications are causing your acne.

Chemical peel to lighten acne scars

Acne scars could develop if the acne condition isn’t treated properly. Even if you don’t touch or rub it, scarring may still occur once the acne has subsided. And scarring could be more pronounced in adults. If the scars aren’t treated, they could get even darker especially if you are not accustomed to using sunscreen every day. And you may have to deal with the scars permanently. Immediate attention is important if scars are to be effectively removed or reduced.

At LiveGorgeous OC, we have treated a number of patients dealing with adult acne scars. For most of them, an invasive cosmetic procedure is out of the question. Our recommended non-invasive alternative that’s equally effective, if not more, is a chemical peel.

This procedure slowly peels off the skin’s outer layers while enabling the body’s natural healing process to develop new skin. The right dosage is critical to the success of this skin color correction treatment. If the chemical solution is not appropriate for the actual condition of the acne scar, it can either have little to no effect on the scar. If the solution is too strong, it can adversely harm the skin, which may worsen the condition. We do not advise a DIY chemical peel as it can further harm your skin.

Schedule an appointment with LiveGorgeous OC if you have more questions about how a chemical peel can visibly reduce acne scars or for consultation on skin color correction. You may reach us at 714-754-1985.

17 March 2016

Non-invasive Skin Rejuvenation Treatments for Facial Skin Problems

The technological advances in cosmetic procedures now enable both men and women to correct various facial skin problems without having to undergo painful and costly surgery. These non-invasive skin rejuvenation techniques can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, even out your skin tone, and give you a natural-looking face lift.

At LiveGorgeous OC, you can undergo one or a combination of these procedures to give you the smoother and fresher-looking skin that you’ve always wanted. With no surgical procedure necessary, you experience practically no downtime, which means you can go back to your regular routine in no time—usually immediately after treatment, depending on the procedure.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

For wrinkles and fine lines, including crow’s feet and creases on the forehead, there are several skin rejuvenation procedures to choose from. These are:

  • Laser-assisted wrinkle reduction treatments
  • Dermal fillers
  • Botox

Laser-assisted wrinkle removal at LiveGorgeous OC is basically done through two techniques: Matrix and ReFirme. Matrix is ideal for reducing the appearance of smoker’s lines and wrinkles. This can also help tighten the skin under the chin. Through the use of a fractionated laser technology, deep-set wrinkles are visibly reduced.

ReFirme, on the other hand, is a laser-assisted wrinkle remover that combines electrical and optical energy through a technology known as Elõs. This procedure corrects wrinkles, while also improving skin laxity and tightening the skin.

Botox and dermal fillers are often regarded as one and the same, but they’re two different techniques. Botox temporarily paralyzes facial muscles that cause wrinkles while dermal fillers are used to plump-up the skin, giving it a stretch that can reduce wrinkle visibility. Each procedure also uses a different solution.

Skin Color Correction

For age spots, sun spots, and even freckles, a popular choice among our patients at LiveGorgeous OC is a chemical peel. Chemical peels evens out the skin tone, but since these involve a chemical solution to induce skin peeling, it is advised that you only get this from a trusted and experienced clinic.

Natural-looking Lift

To tighten the skin, especially around the jaws and chin areas without a surgical facelift, the recommended skin rejuvenation treatment is Ultherapy. This is an FDA-approved non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses ultrasound to tighten loose skin, giving it a natural-looking lift.

The procedure takes about 60 to 90 minutes, and is a cost-effective and virtually painless alternative to a surgical face lift.

If you wish to set an appointment with LiveGorgeous OC for initial consultation and evaluation, please call 714-754-1985 at your convenience.

10 March 2016

Get Safe, Physician-Assisted Laser Hair Removal Treatment This Summer

Many women may be looking to get laser hair removal treatment now just in time for summer. However, one shouldn’t just get this procedure done just anywhere. To get the best possible results, it is advised you only undergo this sensitive procedure under the care and guidance of a licensed doctor; otherwise you run risk of developing complications or not getting the most out of your time and money.

Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’ll be treating your under arms or legs, laser hair removal is a safe and gentle procedure that won’t take too much of your time. In fact, you can have the procedure done in as short as an hour and go back to your regular routine immediately.

While many women may still resort to waxing, shaving, and plucking; summer, as the season of baring bodies, may call for a more practical approach to personal hair grooming. This is because aside from the hassles of having to shave and pluck frequently, you may still have to watch out for nicks, ingrown hair, rashes, and chicken skin—problems you won’t have to worry about with laser treatment.

As a viable long-term hair removal solution, laser treatment clearly offers benefits beyond monetary value. Even if you just thought of getting the procedure done because of the summer season, think of how much easier and faster your grooming routine will be from here on out, and even the whole year round!

Why Get Physician-Assisted Treatment

While laser treatment can do wonders for both men and women, the procedure is not without precautions. Unfortunately, there is little oversight as to who can perform it, so this means you will have to be more discerning of your options. One good question you may ask the personnel to assess their credibility is how many patients they’ve treated.

Aside from reduced effectiveness, a procedure gone wrong can result in complications. Some typical complications you may run into are scarring and pigmentary changes (hyperpigmentation), burns, or even increased hair growth which is why it is very important that only a licensed and experienced physician administers the procedure for you.

Here at Live Gorgeous OC, we have been in business for more than a decade, assuring you of our solid track record. We currently have full body hair removal packages available for our clients. For women, they can have their bikini area done while the men can have the hair on their neck and backs removed for good.

For inquiries about our laser hair removal services or to set a one-on-one appointment with our doctor, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-754-1985; we’d be glad to hear from you!

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