When done properly, tight fitting clothing can be a flattering look for women of different shapes and sizes. However, this improvement to their outfit or appearance can also affect their skin negatively. This is where skin color correction can be of help, by eliminating those skin imperfections caused by hyperpigmentation from tight fitting clothes.

Hyperpigmentation is characterized by the darkening of the skin due to the overproduction of melanin. In the case of tight fitting clothes, the friction created between the clothing and skin is what increases the production of melanin. The result is an unsightly skin discoloration that can take time to lighten.

Hyperpigmentation and “Bra Burns”

One area in the body women may least expect to see dark spots or patches of hyperpigmentation is on the chest, specifically between, under, or around the breasts, the shoulder, or the span of the back in general. These dark spots are usually caused by the underwire of bras and shoulder straps that apply too much pressure on the skin, resulting in what we also call a bra burn.

While one may try home remedies on the affected area, a chemical peel is still one of the fastest and easiest skin color correction procedures for hyperpigmentation. Painless with virtually no downtime, a chemical peel can reveal healthy-looking skin and help women feel good about themselves again. The procedure is also an affordable solution for hyperpigmentation.

Tips for Preventing Bra Burns

Aside from getting a chemical peel, there are other things you can try to prevent bra burns.

#1: Wear the proper size – Too many women make the mistake of not wearing the right bra size. Before shopping, measure your bust and check where your measurements fall under the size guidelines which are available online.

#2: Fit a size with comfort in mind – Now that you have an idea of your size or measurements, check whether you’re comfortable. Try to move around, raise your arms, and see if the bra’s support is adequate. Additionally, make sure you adjust the straps. These shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose.

#3. Alternate wearing bras without wires – Those underwires are the number 1 culprit to those bra burns, so as much as possible, alternately wear bras without them. Doing so will relieve your skin from constant irritation or chaffing.

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