After a woman gives birth, her belly can look like a deflated balloon. Unfortunately, doing hundreds of planks, sit ups, and Pilates moves alone won’t guarantee that you will get your skin back into shape. For sure results, you need treatments such as skin tightening. In Orange County, this is where we at Live Gorgeous OC can help with ReFirme.

Refirme skin tightening uses Elōs™ technology, which combines bi-polar radio frequency and light to heat the dermal tissue of the skin at the targeted areas. This heating stimulates the production of new collagen which, in turn, produces a firming effect on slack skin. While this treatment is known more to be a skin tightening treatment for the face, it is also used in areas where there is loss of skin elasticity and where sagging and textural irregularities are prominent, such as the upper arms, abdomen, and stomach.

What makes this technology work so well is its ability to control the energy heat source. The light energy that is used makes it a suitable option for all skin types, and there is no additional risk to the epidermis. Precise targeting of the area also protects the surrounding tissue. The lower levels of energy used also makes this treatment the most comfortable skin tightening option available – even for boney areas such as the forehead and cheeks.

So how will this help you get your tummy back into shape? Think of it as a compliment to your diet and exercise regimen. The diet and exercise helps you shed the fat while ReFirme whips your sagging belly skin back into shape by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen. New collagen means reduction in slackness and plumping of the skin to stretch it back into shape, giving it a smoother appearance.

Skin tightening can help you find that pre-pregnancy stomach in just a few sessions. Initial treatment is three to five sessions, scheduled three to four weeks apart. Each treatment lasts for about an hour, and most of the patients find it to have little to no discomfort. And with virtually no downtime, there’s really no reason not to start on your journey back to getting your belly back.

Another issue pregnant women have to contend with is skin discoloration, which is brought about by hormonal changes that come with the pregnancy. We have a solution for this with our color correction treatments.

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