People who need to interact with others for a living want to be able to look and feel their best when presenting themselves to their clients. Over time, however, their appearance may deteriorate, making them look tired or stressed, affecting the way people respond to them. Botox in Orange County may just be the solution they need to soften and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Did you know that your skin starts to produce 1% less collagen each year after the age of twenty? Facial wrinkles- crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines- are caused primarily by the constant contraction of the muscles in those areas over time. The wrinkles can appear even in your 20’s, depending on how well you care for your skin.

People in the business of meeting with clients know that appearances can play a big part in the impression you make on the people you first meet. If you want to present yourself as confident, in charge, full of life and youthful, then Botox in Orange County can help you achieve that.

Who are good candidates for Botox? Individuals who are in good health, with no active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions. People who are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with neurological issues cannot have the procedure. Our clinicians should be able to assess your suitability for Botox when you come in for a consultation.

Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate for Botox, there are a few things you should do before the procedure. Avoid alcohol at least a week before your appointment and stop any blood-thinning medications you may be on, such as Ibuprofen or aspirin. Just make sure to inform us about any supplements or medication that you’re currently taking, since anything that thins the blood can increase the bruising at the injection site, and no one wants that.

The procedure itself only takes a few minutes and won’t require anesthesia. Botox is injected with a fine needle into the specific muscles that contribute to the wrinkles, and the full effect should be seen in three to seven days. Make sure to discuss after-treatment tips with our staff to get the most out of your visit.

The effects of the Botox can be expected to last between four to six months. As your muscles regain their contracting motion, the lines and wrinkles will start to reappear and need treatment once more, but these lines and wrinkles could appear less severe over time as your muscles are trained to relax.

If you’re ready to tackle those wrinkles and regain your youthful look, book an appointment with us today. You can also visit our website to learn about our other wrinkle-fighting treatments.