Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of certain portions of the skin due to the overproduction of melanin. Hyperpigmentation is a completely normal occurrence, but if it makes you feel self-conscious, skin color correction treatments can help you get the even skin tone you want.

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by several factors. Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of skin discoloration, which sunscreen can help prevent. However, the condition can also be hereditary, so if your parents have melasma or brown spots due to sun exposure, chances are you are likely to get it as well.

Hormonal changes also cause skin discoloration. This is why some pregnant women get what is called the “pregnancy mask” or chloasma, which is characterized by areas of darkened skin on the forehead, nose, and cheek.

Other ways discoloration occurs include scaring due to picking at the skin, reactions to certain medications or antibiotics, and inflammation and skin injuries such as acne vulgaris. With so many ways for you to develop skin darkening, it’s no wonder that skin color correction is a popular option to achieving a more flawless complexion.

One way we at LiveGorgeousOC can treat hyperpigmentation is through Cosmelan depigmentation peel. Cosmelan works by inhibiting tyrosinase, which is a basic enzyme in the formation of melanin. Cosmelan blocks this enzyme by inverting the metabolic process of skin darkening to eliminate melanin patches.

Compared to other types of depigmentation treatments available, Cosmelan has been shown to be effective on all types of melasma, even deep-seated types. It is compatible with all skin types and can be used to treat acne scarring after the acne is resolved. The quickness with which Cosmelan treats depigmentation is also another reason why this is a popular option to getting an even skin tone.

The treatment is pretty straightforward. After the mask is applied and removed, light peeling will start. Some redness is normal, and flaking may occur two to three days after. Prescribed creams should be used as directed when flaking is at its peak. It is also not advisable to undergo any other type of treatment until Cosmelan peel is completed. The treatment process has to be completed to reap the full benefits, thus it cannot be stopped at any time.

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