Pregnancy is a beautiful time in the life of a woman. Your body goes through dramatic changes, most especially the skin around the belly area. If you worry your skin in the abdominal region will never get back to the way it was before you got pregnant, try skin tightening in Orange County. You may be surprised at the results.

Every woman who has been pregnant knows that skin in the belly area can become stretched, and that it might not go back to the way it was before she became a mother. No matter how much you diet and exercise, the fat may go away but the skin will just hang around—literally!

But before you surrender your quest to get your belly back and decide to just wear baggy clothes for the rest of your life, we have something that may have you start considering those bathing suits again. For skin tightening in Orange County, we have a non invasive treatment called Venus Freeze. The procedure is pain free, safe, and pleasant, and has been shown to work particularly well for eradicating saggy, post-pregnancy skin.

Using (MP)² technology, Venus Freeze works by combining radio frequency (RF) and magnetic pulses to deliver deep, comfortable, yet safe treatments to the skin and the layers beneath it, providing optimal results. The pulses consistently and uniformly heat the skin from the inside out. In turn, this heats up the collagen fibers under the skin which stimulates the formation of new collagen and the production new of elastin fibers. The active collagen in the treated area will then start to contract and cause the skin to look and feel firmer. The new elastin fibers also makes the skin more elastic so that it is able to regain its shape.

In addition to skin tightening, Venus Freeze is also used for reducing wrinkles, cellulite, and fat without invasive surgery. And unlike laser treatments, it has no light component so it’s safe to use on any skin type. It is totally painless which means there’s absolutely no downtime. Treatments are given once a week in a series of 6 to 8 sessions and typically take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. As soon as you’ve completed your treatments, we can recommend a maintenance program to ensure long-term results.

If you have other pregnancy-related cosmetic issues you want to discuss with us, such as skin discoloration, just schedule an appointment with us and we’ll see how we can help.