Over the course of your life, you will spend a significant amount of time getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair. Spend time on more important things and stop shaving, waxing, plucking, or using hair removal creams and other methods to minimize the appearance of unwanted hair! With Live Gorgeous OC treatments for laser hair removal in Orange County, you can do just that.

Sure, traditional hair removal methods like shaving, plucking, and waxing can remove hair quickly, but they can be messy and the results never last long enough. In the past, there have also been laser hair removal methods that have managed to offer promising results, but not without a lot of pain and other undesirable side effects. Finally, a laser hair removal method called Elōs came along.

Electro Optical Energy (Elōs) is type of hair removal technology that uses a combination of radio-frequency and light to leave the skin free from unwanted hair while avoiding harmful side effects. The gentle pulse of these two targeted energies delivers a more efficient hair removal procedure that is safe and comfortable for the patient. With Elōs, laser hair removal is safe and possible for virtually any part of the body, whether it’s on the underarms, legs, back, as well as sensitive areas such as the face and bikini areas.

Elōs is different from other laser hair removal methods because unlike ordinary photoepilation, it destroys the hair follicle completely, making it the true permanent hair removal solution. It is also safe to use on all hair colors and types, including very light hairs called “vellus.” Compared to other hair removal methods, patients are happy to report that they’ve experienced very minimal discomfort with Elōs.

Removal of facial hair with Elōs typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes only. Through this procedure, you could actually get rid of all your unwanted facial hair in less time than it takes to have lunch. And the results are permanent!

While most patients see a significant reduction in hair growth after the first treatment, you may need around 5 to 7 additional treatments to achieve the full effect of Elōs. This is because the laser treats hair follicles in the active phase and hair usually grows at different rates, depending on where it’s located in your body. Should you experience hair re-growth after your initial treatment, these would be from damaged follicles that would be fully eliminated later on.

So if you’re still tolerating messy wax treatments to get rid of hair on your upper lip or painful waxing or threading sessions to eliminate hair on your underarms or legs, do yourself a favor and contact us to book an appointment at Live Gorgeous OC. Our laser hair removal treatments are quick, virtually painless, and best of all, permanent. You’ve got nothing to lose except unwanted hair!