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Our experts have earned certificates in all the latest dermatologic techniques—from liquid facelifts to laser skin treatment procedures. What’s more, they have a passion for making women everywhere feel beautiful. In addition to providing stellar skin rejuvenation and laser treatment procedures at a cost-effective price point, Live Gorgeous OC experts take a uniquely customized approach to skincare, transforming every treatment session into a custom-designed work of art.

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FDA approved non-surgical Facelift, Necklift & Browlift.

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Bring back the unique and beautiful facial features that make you who you are.

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Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting uses a fat-freezing technology that targets stubborn fat.

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Wrinkle Reduction

Improve tone and texture of your skin

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The new and improved way to look more refresh without going under the knife

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Kybella is a FDA approved prescription medicine used to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin

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Ultherapy is the new Cosmetic Surgery with absolutely, no cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.
Non invasive brow lift, face lift and neck lift.

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    Venus Freeze

    Venus Freeze’s® dense energy matrix penetrates into multiple layers of the skin, ensuring improved clinical efficacy and noticeably visible results.

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    Alma Accent XL

    AccentXL tightens skin and contours the body through a special dual-layer thermotherapy process.

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    Hair Removal

    Remove unwanted hair without the hassle of shaving creams, bleaches, lotions and razors, or the irritating burns and rashes that often result.

Imagine experts with an intuitive artistic eye who provide cutting-edge skincare and laser treatment procedures that yield spectacular, age-defying results without involving surgery. Live Gorgeous OC specializes in rejuvenating non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, non invasive body contouring treatments and chemical peels, and has been honored to have treated thousands of satisfied patients throughout the United States and internationally over the past ten years.

Our team has earned certificates in all the latest dermatologic techniques; this ranges from liquid facelifts all the way to laser skin treatment procedures. What is more, we have a passion for and a commitment to making women everywhere feels beautiful. This passion and commitment drives us to stay current with the most progressive and effective treatments in the field of skin rejuvenation. We also invest in the most sophisticated and modern medical equipment which allows us to bring long lasting and satisfying results to our clients, including laser treatments and a very new patented micro droplet rejuvenation technique.

As part of our dedication to our loyal customers, we strive to offer skin rejuvenation and laser treatment procedures at a cost-effective price point. However, we do not cut corners when it comes to customizing the treatment plan for each patient that we assist. This means that we at Live Gorgeous OC take a uniquely customized approach to skincare, transforming every treatment session into a custom-designed work of art. Because we are both skilled and experienced in considering the full range of skin type, ethnicity, and lifestyle needs, the experts at Live Gorgeous OC are adept at mixing and matching technologies that will bring out the natural beauty in you.

Our goal is identical to your goal, which is to find the best therapeutic strategy that will have you feeling younger, more vibrant, and more alive as well as having your face and body reflecting your new self. Therefore, we invite you to schedule a consultation for our non-invasive treatments, as well as other skin treatment procedures such as Botox, laser wrinkle reduction, and laser hair removal in Orange County where together we can begin to create the most radiant “you” imaginable, both inside and outside.

What people say

  • I had Restylane injections to fill out the hollows around my eyes with you earlier this month. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results… it made a BIG difference! Thank you!”

  • I had my first appointment with you recently for Botox. I am very pleased. I want to come in to schedule another appointment regarding Filler and Lasers

    Lisa K.
  • I woke up this morning and my skin on my face looked so refreshed. My legs are looking so tight i am thrilled. Thank you !!! I love your Venus Freeze!

    Laurie K.

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